Fancy Some Fun?

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Hello. And welcome back!

Things are starting to move on a little bit with #ISBF5 and it's almost time to share plans with you!

But not quite. I wouldn't be the tease I am if I did that now, would I?

The last month or so have been spent variously in plotting and panic modes.

Plotting? Well. Beer, obviously. Contacting breweries who are new to us and dipping our toes in the water with collaboration ideas - one was put to me this very afternoon!

Panic? Because a little over two weeks ago I thought I was going to be writing a post scrapping the whole thing! Fortunately - at this moment - that's behind us and we look forward through beer goggles, trying to make this beer celebration as good as it can be.

We've also started strutting around beery events around the UK wearing the prettiest beer event t-shirt known to humankind. OK, to me at any rate.

So. What's the point of this interminable waffle?


Like last year, we'd like to have some fun with a few of you. A little launch bash as it were.

The plan is this. On Sunday 2nd September, from approximately 6pm, we “take over” the Sex Dungeon (aka The Brink) for a few hours. For some beery shenanigans. Which will (almost certainly) feature the following…

  • A one-off collaboration beer, brewed especially for the occasion!

  • Absolute first chance to buy tickets for #ISBF5!!

  • Chance to buy a special one-off - only available at the launch - T-shirt (it is a bit special….)!!!

  • Chance to hear me waffle about the breweries coming to Hemsley House!!!!

So. Whaddya say? Fancy it? A few hours in the Dungeon? Having a giggle? Getting the first intelligence about what's going to happen at #ISBF5?

If you do, tickets are seriously limited - after all, The Brink IS a Micro Pub - and are FREE!

Click on the link here.

See you on 2nd September!

Jim x

N.B. These tickets are severely limited. So, if you grab some, then find you can't come, please let me know via Twitter DM and I'll re-circulate.

The Best Things Take Time

The Best Things Take Time

The early days of "planning" this bash are some of the most exciting.

These are the days when you have all sorts of wild ideas and have to calm yourself down and think "It's only beer" (© Chris)

I seem to fall into the same trap every year. And front load. With the strongest beers. And yes, I've done it again. I already know the first beer. And it's very special.

The “Future”...

It started off so simply.

A little beer festival. To raise money for a small Community Centre in the heart of Salford. A place with a multiplicity of pulls on the strings of my heart.

I didn't know what I'd gotten myself into, didn't realise that - in the nicest of ways - it would change my life. But it has. Oh how it has.