#ISBF5 Collab Brew No 13 - Distant Hills

A little surprise to me was this. A final brewday! The design genius that is Mr H took some time out from being whipped mercilessly by YT to go and have some fun.


Take it away mon genius!

“It’s well known that the Independent Salford Beer Festival is unique insofar as every beer that Jim showcases are ones you will not have had before. It’s nothing short of amazing that literally every beer available is a first for Greater Manchester. This comes from Jim’s not inconsiderable persuasive powers, encouraging brewers to collaborate, concoct and come up with something you won’t have had from them before. Guaranteed. (I didn’t pay for that - Jim)

This year is no different, but it’s not just new and never before had beers. There’s even new breweries, ventures and new projects to discover. THAT’S how powerful a pull this festival has.


And the latter is why I find myself in a cavernous yet sauna like warehouse at an undisclosed location in Derbyshire at - a pretty civilised in brewing terms - 9am on a Thursday morning. Seriously, I had to sign a NDA before they let me over the threshold. Every photo taken (by my sharp eyed mate Nick) was vetted. This is a set up playing their cards very close to their chests, for now.


And no wonder. A 24 hectolitre steam driven brewhouse is a sight to behold. I’ve been to a few brew days but never on a kit the size of which requires a sweeping staircase to access the mash and lauter tuns. This is the cutting edge of craft right here.

Italian made, recently shipped in via three lorry loads and fitted by a team flown over especially to commission it, this thing is a BEAST. So much of a beast in fact a whole wall needed to be removed to get the thing in.

The steam that is the blood to this brewing organism clicks, whirrs, rattles it’s way round the system - and at points does a very good impression of the Flying Scotsman pulling to a stop. 


The brew team are still breaking the kit in, and taming the beast. This was only the fifth brew on the kit, so the day wasn’t without its moments. There’s still one or two technical creases to iron out but nothing prevented the brew from coming out EXACTLY as planned. And nothing that a layman like me would have noticed had it not been for the odd furrowed brow or head scratch from the brew team.


I won’t bore you with the brewing process, I’m sure you all know what goes on when and in what order, but of course you want to know what was cooked up. Well, for starters hop-wise its got Hercules for bittering, followed by Citra, Calypso and Wolf later on in the process. As well as lactose. And 20 kilos of peach puree. You can see where this is going.

You’ll be enjoying a White Peach Milkshake Session IPA at 4.2%. 

If you get to it before I drink it all. “

Thank you my little Stormtrooper!

Come sample this mystery. For the very first time. Here. At Hemsley House. And #ISBF5.