#ISBF5 - Wrap : Pt 2


Yes. People matter.

That’s the whole THING that underpins everything to do with The Independent Salford Beer Festival. People. Helping. Trying to make a difference. Of course the beer helps, but if you’ve been with us more than once, if like to think you get “it”. The feeling we try to create.

This feeling. It’s in the DNA of the event now. Like the word “friendly” shot through a stick of rock. We’ve tried to create a relaxed space. Comfortable. Respect. Good people drinking good beer. I loved the moment when Stan (the Chair of the building) looked in the main room, his face beaming. He didn’t know what to expect. Couldn’t believe what I’d told him about the drinkers that come to ISBF until he’d seen for himself.

You’re good people. You’ll realise HOW good later on.


One of the things we are most pleased about is the number of people who wanted to be involved via sponsorship. THAT was amazing. No major companies, no “banner” sponsor, just individuals and small independent businesses coming together, supporting a small independent event. And it’s to those businesses and people I want to turn to now and thank from our hearts. The ISBF Family salute you. You make a difference. As you will see. And we are so grateful that you take that punt on our little bash.


So. To the point of ISBF.

People. And helping.

This afternoon, myself, Gerry & TLO met the CEO of Start Inspiring Minds, Bernadette. A woman who is as passionate as us about helping people.

START was founded 25 years ago to help people with issues around mental health. And the main route to helping people regain self-esteem, to rebuild and to attain mental resilience, is through the arts. Creativity. Building into their members that they have ability, that they have a value.


Walking around the place, the various workshops - Ceramics, woodworking, textiles, painting - you get an idea as to the love in this place. That people MATTER. It felt …..right.

We spoke with Bernadette about that F word a lot. Feeling. That is how we have built this event. It needs to FEEL right.

And START feels like a good fit as a charity to support. So we will, With #ISBF6

But first, this year. I’m a little bit overawed by what we’ve achieved if I’m being honest. I’ve had an idea for a while as to how well we did. How YOU did. But (unusually) I kept quiet. Just to make sure I wasn’t mistaken. Thanks to your thirst, generosity and the hard work of the entire ISBF Family, START are better off to the tune of £11,000.

We’ve never raised that much before. I’ve got used to that figure for a couple of weeks, but Bernadette, Gerry & TLO were a bit stunned.

As I said earlier, it’s START’s 25th Anniversary this year. And that’s a nice present just before Xmas.

Thank you all. And a very Merry Xmas.

Roll on #ISBF6. Back soon.