Say HELLO to the Website!

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Say HELLO to the new website!

It seems like each year I say “This is the last ISBF” And each year nobody would believe me. They knew I'd want to do it again. And they were right.

Every time.

Until this year. This year I really thought the game was up for The Independent Salford Beer Festival. I really didn't think I'd want to do this away from St Sebastian’s.

St Sebastian’s Community Centre was the reason that this event was formed. The reason it carried on. ISBF helped to sustain the Community Centre, as a major funding input. But once Gerry lost her job…… I was a bit lost.

That's why we've had no website. Because I truly thought we didn't have an event!

I didn't want to let the site go. I loved that site. Darren Turpin has a place in my ticker for that beautiful site. And for his boundless patience! I loved using it. It was a doddle. And I thank Darren hugely for it.

But now, we have to move on. And thanks to Drumbeat Creative (Generous sponsors) and the design legend that is Mr Andy Heggs, we have the new!

But this last month hasn't just been about design. There has been the start of the beer planning, contacting the best new breweries and getting some VERY interesting collaborations for your pleasure

I've also made a move to (for one time only) break my “Northern Only” rule on cask. Some opportunities come along that you simply have to grab. All shall be revealed on 2nd September at the ticket launch bash at The Brink.

And I've organised a VERY special collab for that event too……

For now, luxuriate in the website. From now, all ISBF content will be here.

Almost 7 months to go. And I'm already getting nervous!

Back soon.