Event Charity - And Other News

Hello again.

It’s all gone a little hectic this last few days, especially after the ticket launch on Sunday. I truly didn’t expect the levels of demand and was somewhat taken aback. I also wish to apologise for the lack of information about what is included with (what appeared – at first glance – to be) the “inflated” ticket price. Hopefully that is now resolved.

Again, for the record, the ticket price includes glass, programme and £10 worth of tokens.

This post was to introduce the charity that is to receive ALL the PROFITS from #ISBF5.

Start in Salford.

The inspiration for this was Gerry. Anyone who knows us – the extended family – knows that we know tragedy first hand. Almost exactly 2 years ago my son took his own life.

An event like that changes you, it can do little else. It changes the way you think. It changes the way you live. It changes your priorities in life. And we wanted to make a difference to someone – anyone – with this event. Gerry suggested SiS. So I had a look at their website. And was convinced within minutes that THIS was the right cause to support. The right fit for us.

Mental Health may be a “buzzy” cause. But as someone who has fought with depression, I’ve been luckier than many. I’ve been “helped”. WE want others to be helped too. And YOU – by the simple expedient of enjoying yourselves, with some lovely beer, in a simply gorgeous venue, can do that. YOU can help.

I’ll let START describe themselves….

'START promotes positive mental health through creative arts-based activities and training opportunities to vulnerable people in Salford. The organisation provides an innovative range of creative arts and horticulture programmes that are directed at improving and enhancing the quality of life, health, wellbeing and social integration of the target groups within the local community, in particular, older people, young people and people who are, or at risk of experiencing mental health difficulties or social exclusion. 

The organisation supports almost 1000 people a year. Individuals of all ages are encouraged to develop learning through an artistic ability in a creative and supportive environment. Start has a variety of projects which run both from our Centre and within the local community.'

They are local. They are – in times like these – essential. And we are proud to help.


In other news.

We are thrilled (and not slightly shocked) to say that Saturday afternoon session has now SOLD OUT. And Friday evening is soon to follow.

If you want to come, please don’t wait. Grab your tickets here. We’d hate for you to miss this.


Next. Another collab announcement (as of today) I can say that the mighty Neptune Brewery of Maghull have arranged to collab with Sean Ayling of Tom’s Tap & Brewhouse! Sean left Pig & Porter this year and purchased the brewery and taproom of Offbeat in Crewe. And Les & the team at Neptune have made some of the best beers I’ve had in the last couple of years.

I can’t wait.



Berries, Beans & Beer is – quite simply – one of the unmissable drinks events of the year. Michelle Shipman (formerly of Offbeat Brewery – Now a bit of a drinks maven and Event Planner at MichelleShipman.org) has kindly offered to sponsor a gin bar and has donated the bulk of the gins!

We tried to DO gin last year. And I got so wrapped up in the flow of #ISBF4 that I completely forgot the 5 bottles I had bought and were sat in the office! By the time we realised, it was a valiant effort, but…..

Not this year though. The gin will be Northern. Local. Because localism matters. And we have some simply exceptional gins here.

Thank you Michelle. Thank you Berries, Beans & Beer. And MichelleShipman.org

That’s all for now.

Be kind to one another.