#ISBF6 - Post 3

Pretty innit?

Pretty innit?

Hello again! I did say that I’d try to keep these posts to monthly. I’ve almost kept my word.

A few bits of info for you for this update.


Firstly, Sponsorship. I’d like to say a huge “THANK YOU” to Petersgate Tap who have agreed to sponsor our petite and bijou programme! I rather like having a programme rather than a sheet of paper, it allows us to highlight the lovely design of the Boy Genius and gives us room to give you information and have some fun. They aren’t cheap to produce, but the sponsorship helps hugely in that regard.

And – more to the point and the ethos of ISBF – The Petersgate is a bloody splendid bar and – crucially – Independent. Again, thank you!

And – whilst on the subject of sponsorship…..

One of the things I’m most proud of with this event, is the fact that there is no “corporate” sponsorship. That the people who get involved – via sponsoring beers and other things, are individuals and independent small local businesses. They feel what we do. They understand. And they enjoy it all the more.

So far this year, I haven’t really pushed this hard, but at the moment, we have almost the same level of committed sponsorship pledges as in the WHOLE of #ISBF5. That’s bloody amazing.

The feeling I’m getting is that – once launched on 25th August at 8pm : set calendars! – tickets won’t last long. So, you know what’s coming eh?

One of the ONLY ways you may be able to gurantee a ticket for #ISBF6, IS via sponsorship. Those tickets will be reserved. A bit like presales.

WHAT YOU GET : For your £65 beer sponsorship

2 tickets – to the session of your choice

£10 beer tokens per sponsorship

2 pretty glasses

Interested? Click on the “contacts” tab. Simples!

Next up…… on the subject of thatpretty glassware.


I’ve always liked an “etch” look to glassware. Makes it look just that bit more special. I’ma huge fan of The Prisoner and was thrilled to be allowed to refer to the iconic imagery by the rights holder ITV Studios. I normally ask for mock ups of the glassware imagery much nearer the time of the event, but just couldn’t help myself…. So….

Screenshot_20190419-081210_Yahoo  Mail.jpg
Screenshot_20190419-081136_Yahoo  Mail.jpg

Unlike last year, the etch really seems to work. I (Jim) am chuffed to bits with the way It’s turned out, as are our generous sponsors House of Hops! Claire & Scott were beaming when I showed them on Wednesday, the day before their 1st birthday!

Like I said last time, I’m so pleased we have another sponsor local to the event, it also helps that they’re lovely people too.

And now – a little surprise....


A few months back, I was approached by someone I find it difficult to say “No” to. With a proposition.

I’m a bit of a fan boy of Runaway Brewery – always have been. Mark has been a big supporter of what we do from Day 1. So when he asked, I simply couldn’t say no. To be honest, I was incredibly flattered and nearly hugged him.

So. What am I waffling about?

This year, Runaway Brewery is 5 years old. And Mark wants to have a weekend party at the end of May. And – I’m giggling here – asked would I like to have an #ISBF6 themed/branded bar as part of the event.

The idea. An #EvilKegFilth bar. With breweries that will most certainly be appearing at Hemsley House on Halloween. Mark let me run off and play. So I did.

8 breweries. 10 beers. And I – for one – Can’t wait to try them all! The breweries and beers are listed below.

Come along. Have some fun. It’s Manchester. It’s a Bank Holiday weekend! Let’s party! And I (WHOOP!) get to work behind a bar!!!


Finally, the obligatory tease. Well, it wouldn’t be one of my posts if I didn’t, would it?

In the afterglow of #ISBF5, some offers of assistance came my way, regarding the sourcing of something...... a bit different. And, as one of the mantras has always been “evolution, not revolution” I was suitably intrigued to follow up.

These conversations have continued over the last few months and what was – initially – a little refreshed wishful thinking, has solidified. Up to the point where we are 75% certain of pulling this off.

It may not happen, of course. Logistically, it may prove too much of a challenge for our humble little bash. But...... If it DOES happen, I personally (and I may be wrong of course) have never heard of the like in this area of Greater Manchester. Maybe even the UK.

Hell am I excited at the thought!

And. I’ll keep it under my hat. Let’s say, it will be a nice surprise.

Back soon! Be kind to one another.

Jim x