"It's Beer Jim, But Not As We Know It!"


OK. So I was listening to “Star Trekking” by The Firm. Bite me!


Tempus Fugit and all that and here at The ISBF Institute of Beery Pleasures we’re about to embark on our annual COLLAB FRENZY! You shall hear ALL about it tomorrow evening.

However, this one is special as it is the first leg of the ISBF Wakefield Trilogy (It’s like “The Berlin Trilogy” But Diamond Dogs themed. And beery.) Our Bowie themed series of beers with last year’s Beer of the Festival winner (AND 2014 & 2015!), Five Towns. I love getting up at 4:30 in the morning! But it’s for you lot. So I do it with a song in my heart!

Anyway, given the Cavalcade of Collabs that will be reported upon, this may be the last “leak post” for some time. But it’s a good un. As I now know a few more of the beers that are a comin’. And as I couldn’t hold water – never mind secrets.....


The Final line on the North West side on cask was confirmed last week. But I kept mi gob shut. Even though I was bursting to tell you about it!

Those who came to ISBF4 may remember that we had the first keg anywhere of the Runaway / GRUB collab “Lemon Drizzle IPA”. A beer that – months later – people were tweeting ME about. Asking if was ever coming back. Or “where can I get that... “etc. It WAS bloody fabulous to be fair. But no. We’re not getting that back. It would break the “Prime Directive”. But again, Mark (Runaway) and GRUB are Collabing. This year, it’s a Pineapple Upside Down Cake. And both Mark & Bailey generously agreed to stick 40 litres (or 72 pints in pre decimal) into a cask.

Just one. And we get it. Let that sink in......I’ve got a feeling this may rival the De Ranke XXX in vanishing swiftly! Permission to drool is hereby granted.

And you could drink it in one of these…..


The Final cask line on the Yorkshire side was confirmed this week too. Nick Briggs of Mallinsons finding some time to brew under his own imprint of Briggs Signature Ales. Expect something punchy and hoppy. And VERY sessionable!

Those lovely fellas at Twisted Barrel of Coventry confirmed their beer yesterday.... “Behold A Pale Horse” is a Dry Hopped Belgian Tripel coming in at a judicious 9% abv. And there’s only 20L of it. So please form an orderly queue!

And, you could drink it in one of these…..


The mighty Wishbone of Keighley have pulled off a pre-Xmas cracker for us too! A rare pin of their Imperial Stout has been nestling cozily in their store. Snoozing. And, I’m informed by no less than Chris from Torrside, that it is utterly lush. If you ever needed a recommendation .......!

This year, we also have our first beer at ISBF from Vocation! Now, you KNOW the way my mind works. Especially with the “early agreed” beers. So, you’ll be unsurprised to learn that it’s BIG. And IMPERIAL. And STOUTY. And the only place you get to try this in CASK, in the Manchester area, is here. At Hemsley House. And we’re delighted.

On a slightly lighter tip, the lovely – and ever so talented – Dave at Macc Brew Co has got us sorted a delicious Yuzu & Sorachi Pale. (Cask maven Linda will be popping next door to the #EvilKegFilth room for her Sorachi fix!)


Tickets. Amazingly, we have less than 30 TICKETS AVAILABLE for Saturday evening! Yes. That’s the MAGNIFICENT closing session with the mighty George Fell blissing you out with guitar genius! You. Have. Been. Warned.

We’ve had 4 returns for Friday lunch too. They’re available now. But won’t be there for long.

Thursday evening. The one evening that you’re GUARANTEED a chance to taste ANY of the beers. There are now less than 60 tickets for that too. #ThirstChanceThursday is a thing.

Tickets available here. Don’t hang about.

So. Back tomorrow. With the first collab report. Candidate. With Five Towns and Beer Central of Sheffield. I want a case reserving already!