More Than A Feeling - Pt 2


Hello again.

This event, The Independent Salford Beer Festival has – over a period of years – almost subconsciously, absorbed lessons from other events (beer or otherwise). Taking the best bits as it were. Yet some things are shared values. Respect and decency being key. This event has been built on friendships, something that had been commented on previously. Repeatedly. Yes, I’m boring like that...

Something at Indy Man this week stood out. Not the beer or anything like that. It was a notice. About treating people with respect. The intention of that hit the mark.

We, by accident or design (more likely by accident), have had no incidents or issues – none that you would notice anyways. There is no written constitution. No list of “do’s”. No list of “don’ts”. I say It’s not written, because it’s never needed to be. Just play nice.

Or in the words of Ellen DeGeneres’ sign off to each show (which I’ve appropriated), “Be Kind To One Another”.

This event is about fun, talking with friends, meeting new ones. Beer is a conversational lubricant, not the end itself.

If I have one major fault. I’m intolerant of intolerance. And that’s no major fault in my eyes.

Like the lady says “Be kind to one another”.


Collabs info #3

Our first collab is actually next week. With Mallinsons. Their first Lager. Can’t wait!

Then? 4 collabs in 4 days. FOUR. I’m obviously some elevated kind of idiot.

Sunday 21st : Wakefield. And a rather large Breakfast Stout with Five Towns and Sheffield’s mighty outlet Beer Central.

Monday 22nd : Peterborough. And the Texan Alchemist Steve Saldana at Bexar County with Michelle Shipman reawakening Offbeat. Madness awaits......

Tuesday 23rd : Stockport. And our beloved Thirst Class with a deliciously different sounding Blackcurrant & Licorice Pale. Got my juices flowing at least!

Wednesday 24th : Wakefield again. And an Imperial Fruited Milkshake IPA with Five Towns in Collab with Lancashire flavour upstarts Rivington.

I’m feeling shattered already! And you will hear about those brewdays here.

I may burn my holidays entitlement on this event. And these brewdays. But I do enjoy it. Just a little bit.


That “special” cask..... Like I’ve said, if an opportunity arises for something “different”, I’ll always think about it at least. I’d heard of an opportunity last year and - when I’d decided to DO #ISBF5 - thought I’d give it a go. A brewery sending casks over the water. And getting backfills. I started to get excited, but - being a “glass half-full” type - didn’t think it would happen.

But it has. So, having had a “North only” policy, I decided to break it. But not for something South of Crewe. We headed East. Across the North Sea. To Belgium. And De Ranke and their XXX. In cask. I’m fairly sure it fits the criteria of “1st time in Manchester”!

And it won’t last long.

For now, that is all. Collab frenzy starts next week. This spring is coiled.

Tickets available here. For now. Snoozing is Losing.