#ISBF6 - Post 5


Blood and sand! Almost 2 months between webposts? I’ve been most derelict in my duties!

So. What’s new?

Firstly, I’m chuffed to bits how our little keg bar went at #RunawayIs5! The weather held, the beers flew and we had some fun. I (personally) was shattered after a weekend of serving beer (obviously not as fit as I thought!) and it was lovely to finally meet James from Wilderness Beers and get to chat – and who knows what may result for (a possible) #ISBF7!

Massive thanks to Runaway for inviting us!


Planning obviously continues and there’s always something to do each day. I was emailing and DM sending at 7 this morning sorting out something (probably) unique to the UK on cask! It’s quite heartwarming how people and breweries reach out and help us. I can’t thank people enough. And if you’re reading, you know who you are.

Of course being born a hybrid Disorganised Organiser/Blithering Idiot, I’ve gone slightly over my previously set beer/brewery limits, but YOU don’t care one whit about that eh? I promise that you’ll get something different – hell, EVERY beer should be new to Manchester – something to tickle your sweet spots. (I already know at least 3 of the beers and trust me....... ;-)

You DO trust me, don’t you?


As many of you will know, we have a party at The Brink just before the tickets for #ISBF6 are opened to the public. This little bash gives people the first chance (and one of only TWO* ways to guarantee them) to buy tickets. They also get chance to buy a one off t-shirt. All the beers for that bash are specially chosen by YT from breweries having lines at #ISBF6 too.

Well. For that bash, (on 25th August at 6:3o BTW) there’ll be a special collab beer made with a bunch of friends which I’m REALLY looking forward to making. We did this last year and the beer went faster than Stanley posing for a fanshot!

Tickets for that launch are free. They’ll be available at 8pm on 25th July. And there’s only 55. You’ve been warned. They all went within an hour last year…..

Last year’s launch bash collab…….

Last year’s launch bash collab…….

ISBF has steadily evolved over the last 6 years. From years 1&2 being Northern & Cask only, to last year being both nearly 70% keg AND having our first beer from outside the UK.

#ISBF6 sees further evolution. Plans have been afoot for some time about having a something a little “different” on the #EvilKegFilth bar. Part of that is assured, part logistically complex – especially for a small event like this, one with little profile. However, I’m working on it. I have my digits crossed.

Trust me. It WILL be worth it.

And. Even at this stage, Collabs have been planned and organised and already two of my very favourite Cask breweries have been paired with two of the best keg breweries. People who respect each other, the beers each other make. To say I’m looking forward to these is – to put it mildly – an understatement.

Sean Carl.jpg

Events wise, I’m going to stick at two. Moving the one from the busiest session on the Saturday lunchtime to Thursday evening.

Thursday evening – This will feature the previously mentioned discussion (and tasting) about the flavour and techniques interface between Artisan Cider and small batch Craft Beer. Led by acclaimed Cider Maker and writer Susanna Forbes of Little Pomona Cider

Now then. This will be ticketed separately. Because – Independently – I’ve secured (I think) – something very special and limited for sampling. Tickets will be sold, but purely to recoup some of the costs (so they won’t be extortionate).

Friday Evening – We’ll have a discussion about something that I personally am very passionate about. Beer and Social Media. And people in this group will be amongst the best utilisers of Social Media in the business. From breweries, pubs and shops. I’ll be there for ALL of that!


·         Launch Bash? Check!

·         Teasing? Check!

·         Events? Check!


*Sponsorship – I never stop banging this drum do I?

Personally and as a group, I’m proud that we keep sponsors coming back. Independent businesses and individuals who care deeply about what we do and love being involved. We’ve so far received pledges totalling over £1k more than what we received last year. But – of course – that’s never enough 😁

Recently, I had an opportunity to reach out to a large, very large, company to obtain headline type sponsorship. And – to be honest – it was easy to turn down. With such things, you never know how much the feeling of the event could change. And I (and I think you too) like the relaxed feel of this event. I don’t ever want that to change. So, like I said, I didn’t follow it up.

But – to restate – Sponsorship is one of only two ways to guarantee your tickets for #ISBF6. For £65, you get

1.       Two tickets to the session of your choice

2.       £10 tokens per beer sponsored

3.       2 glasses

4.       Our profound gratitude and that of our sponsored charity Start Inspiring Minds.

If you are interested in sponsoring a beer or taking out a full page ad (£50) in the pretty programme, click the link here. Let’s smash last year’s charity donation eh?

And remember, ALL profits from this event go to that charity. ALL.

That’s all for now. Next time you’ll hear from me on this website will be on 25th July. At 8pm. When I release 55 tickets for the #ISBF6 launch bash.