That Warm Glow

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Hello again!

I wasn’t planning 2 posts this month, but I’ve been a little overwhelmed with the sheer numbers of people and small local businesses who have wanted to get involved and have contacted to sponsor beers. And take out ads in the programme.

So I just wanted to emphasise sponsorship. What it does. What it means. And what it gets you.


So. What it does. And what it means. Because they kind of go together.

Firstly, it means that I (Jim) don’t panic when something needs paying for in advance – as so many things do. Like T-shirts for the launch party which need ordering. Like beers and other drinks which sometimes need paying for in advance. The ability to do this makes a HUGE difference to m my stress levels!

Secondly, it brings a warm glow to everyone involved at the event – both in planning and art the event itself – that people want to put their money into this. It validates what we do. It means that YOU have faith in what we do and have done. And that really matters to us all.

Finally. I know that it means an awful lot to our charity Start Inspiring Minds. I saw Bernadette’s face when I told her the donation amount last year. She expected £500. Last year, the sponsorship amount ALONE was over 5 times that. And ALL of that money goes to them,

The final donation was £11000. And she rocked so far back in her seat that I really thought she was going to fall off. That money that you donate matters. It really makes a difference.


What it gets you.

Firstly, 2 tickets for each beer paid for. For the session of your choice. Reserved. And this matters. Because if the reaction of people I meet and talk to is any guide, these tickets won’t last long after 25th August. People told me in advance of last year that we’d sell out quickly. And I didn’t believe them. And I was seriously shocked when they did. (And those who know me know that I don’t lie) Honestly, I’m not intending to hype this. But the levels of anticipation and excitement genuinely surprise me.

It also gets you your glasses. And your first £10 tokens (per sponsorship).

I can’t get out of my head the number of times people got scanned in last year and immediately asked to buy tokens. And the look of surprise when they were told that their ticket price included £10!

I’ve been told that this sponsorship is undervalued. The implication being that I could charge more. And raise more. But it matters more to all of us involved that it’s affordable. That it gives lots of people – and small businesses – the chance to help us. If I’m honest (which I like to think...) the figures are all guesswork. £65 for a beer, £50 for a full page in the programme. Total guesswork. But it feels right. And this entire event is built on the way things feel.

I said earlier that we raised £2500 via sponsorship last year. And that was brilliant. So far, this year, the amount pledged in sponsorship is almost double that. And that makes my jaw drop. Seriously. And most of that has already been donated.


And now, the pitch! You KNEW it was coming, right?

There is still a chance to get involved. We have almost half of the beers still available. And there is always room for another ad or two in the programme.

To sponsor a beer costs £65. Sponsoring two for £130 gets your name on a 3rd one. And each £65 gets you the things above.

To take a page ad in the pretty programme costs £50. If added to a beer it’s £105.

Click here if you’re interested. For reasons of sanity (mine) and because I’m not holding tickets back, opportunities for sponsorship will cease on 24th August.

It would be lovely to hear from you!

Back next week (8pm 18th July precisely!) with the post peddling tickets for the ticket launch party at The Brink on 25th August.

Be kind to one another.

Jim x