Let's Have A Party

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Hello again!

A little to relate in terms of how the beavering in the shadows is bringing this beery shambles along and giving it some kind of shape.

A number of meetings and chats with some lovely people have started to flesh out the skeletal ideas that I post up (then hope that they come off! 😂)


Firstly, there have been some quite extensive conversations looking to bring a little surprise to the cask bar. Those who came to #ISBF5 may have noticed some people camped out to the left of the cask bar. Because that was where we’d placed the XX Bitter from DeRanke. Well, that planted a seed in the mind of someone rather nice. And connected. And he asked me the question “What if.....?”

If you’ve been before, you know me. I’m greedy. And it looks like that question will bear significant liquid fruit. You’ll hear all about it on 25th August at 8pm.

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Another meeting concerned tech. On a rather lovely afternoon earlier this month, I had a chat with Pete. The founder of the app/website “The Brewers Eye”. We talked of motivations, love of beer (natch), localism and our mutual experiences of the positivity in this mad world of beer.

We saw (unintentional pun alert) eye to eye on so many things. He explained the app to me. I liked it. I liked the thinking behind it. There are things that it can do which we (at ISBF) have never done before. We’ve never really thought beyond Twitter tbf. But we’ll be hooking up with “The Brewers Eye”. I wholeheartedly recommend that you download the app here (iOS) or here (Android)

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Cider. It was an absolute pleasure and privilege to meet Susanna Forbes of Little Pomona Cider (with huge thanks to my Cider Spirit Guides Cath & Dick). Plans for the chat / tasting on the Thursday evening session (which will be ticket only – and limited to 25) were discussed and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve also secured something special for that tasting – I’m certainly going to be one of the 25!

Also, on the subject of Cider, I’m truly thrilled to say that we’ve been invited to travel down to Ross-on-Wye to blend a Cider specifically for #ISBF6 with Ross Cider. Again, huge thanks to my Spirit Guides Cath & Dick for this. And huge gratitude to Albert for inviting us. It takes a lot to get me excited these days. This most certainly does. I don’t think I’ve been more excited/nervous since Year 1!

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So. To the main point of this post.

On 25th August, at The Brink, we’re going to have a party. We had one last year. And some people went to extraordinary lengths…….Like having a Wacky Races type race off. Car v Train…..From Bristol.


That race kept several of us enthralled last year. I was just stunned that Mark came all the way from Glastonbury and Sean & Mon from Bristol. Just for the Launch bash!

Back to that party….We have it at The Brink on Bridge Street in Manchester. Our lovely hosts have allowed for all of the lines to be occupied by beers from Breweries that have been invited to #ISBF6. We’re off to brew an exclusive beer especially for this launch with one of our favourite breweries. With my favourite hop. And some friends. The 9th August can’t come soon enough! That’s the brewday BTW....


Those at the launch will get to hear me spill ALL the beans about the plans for #ISBF6. They’ll get the chance to buy one of these pretty t-shirts ❤️❤️❤️. And these will ONLY be available to attendees to the launch.

There might even be the odd button badge or 3. We’ll have some fun.

And the people at the launch will have first chance to buy tickets before they’re released for open sale at 8pm.

Want to come? Click here for tickets. There aren’t many!